One piece glass on bent geometry

I did try to find the answer on my own, no luck seemingly.

Is there a way to make a bent shape with a window (glass) appear as one piece without the join lines in the centre where the two angles meet?

Hide the edges. Enter the glass component select the edges and choose Hide from the Edit menu (one way to hide, there are others).

I would select the desired edges and toggle on the Soften option in the Entities Info window/panel. That way, using Unhide All in the future will not modify the edges.

It’s a quibble, but if the window is a group or component (as it should be) unhide all won’t affect its contents unless it is open for edit.

Quite true. I should have mentioned that.

I’ll give it a try, I think I need to re-do the geometry in any case. Thank you all, I’ll let you know how I go,

@pbacot @slbaumgartner