Soften edges?

Hi everybody

I made a frame as DC and works ok, but I need to make the joints of the frame invisible.
I tried soften edges but without results, could you please help me?
Also I wonder if I can paint the lines?
aluminium window frame.skp (16.2 KB)

do it invizible with eraser tool, activate eraser, then tap modifier key, (i dont know which is on windows, I have macbook)
you can see it down, in the left corner and hide them with eraser,
or choose them, right click on mouse & hide

Thank you so much, the erase solution doesn’t work may be it is a dc inside a dc, but the hide works.

Hide the edges between the pieces AND the faces where the two pieces connect to make the join completely disappear. If you leave the faces between, you will get a flicker at the joint when you orbit.