Scalable window

I succeeded in creating a scalable window. It’s made up of four frames pieces and a glass pane. It works but I wonder how I should get rid of the visible joints. Is there an alternative way of doing this?

By hiding a few edges > window.skp (170.8 KB)

Your window has scalable parts but it’s not a component.

Select all five parts > right click > Make component.
The idea was to see what edges to hide.

You don’t say, but I presume this is a Dynamic Component. It would need to be if you wanted the frame width to stay consistent after scaling.

You need to add separate corner parts and hide the connecting edges


What an excellent idea. It worked but I forgot to make the glass translucent. When I try to edit component and add attribute/material there is nothing to choose from. How do I add material without exploding the component?

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