Parametric/scalable windows

I have been unable to find parametric/scalable generic windows in either free or purchase content. I am looking for a product that has double-hung, casement, awning, and fixed windows. With or without muntins. Scalable in x,y,z axis. Do you have a product you recommend?

Have you looked at dynamic components in the 3D Warehouse?

Yes and I’ve had problems with them. I might find one that is nice for double-hung, but doesn’t have a casement option, etc. Or they get funky with varying wall thicknesses. And some aren’t professional enough.

I haven’t seen anyone offering especially excellent window components but you might find it’s worthwhile to make your own dynamic windows that include the features you want.

By the way, you might want to edit your post to eliminate your phone numbers and address.

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Flextools is working well for me. They are adding new windows and door types regularly. The component library feature is another reason I recommend this extension.


Thanks… although I’m a longtime SU user, I’ve never mastered the art of creating dynamic components.

Thanks. I emailed them to see if they have what I need.

I can empathize.

What about
he also makes several other convienient tools

Few have.

Same here. I made my own regular components for windows and doors and edit them to size as needed. Day to day, it’s easier to do that because I know how, than to learn dynamic components. Yes, it would be more efficient to have parametric ones.




I recommend that you learn how to make dynamic components because you will have some unexpected behavior with downloaded components if you try to alter them; the origin of the component may not change with the resizing (the component origin is what determines the dynamic behavior anchor point) in the way that you expect. I had problems with changing a left handed door into a right handed door (by resizing by -1), making it unique and resetting the component definition to match the resized component. When I tried to open the door, it opened in an unexpected fashion. Fun to see, but frustrating to show the door.

I also had to solve the problem of multiple copies of the same door in a house model. No matter how I played with the doors (before I bought the Pro version), every time I opened one door, they all opened. After buying the Pro version, I discovered that SU has multiple fields that could be considered “names” and you need to work within the Component Attributes window to change the entries in those fields to make truly unique components. Making a dynamic component unique by the right hand click drop down menu changes the contents of the “Definition” field in the Entity Information window, but does not change the contents of the fields in the Components Attributes window.

The learning curve is not too bad and you can use the basic tutorials available online. Just be sure that if you are using a Mac, that you disable the smart quotes feature. This does very basic double-hung windows. It’s parametric in that enter the dimensions of the window you want and it makes it automatically. Unfortunately you can’t change dimensions once it’s created…you can just make a new window if needed.

Thanks Eric. This option sounds a bit too restrictive. Plus, I really want to get as much of an entire line (casements, awnings, double-hung, trapezoidal) so that there is a consistent look.

Thank you for the detailed response. I’m really surprised no one has capitalized on this opportunity.

I think the MIlgard selection is pretty good for what it is (mostly vinyl windows). I use it for low cost projects. The 3d warehouse offering is not absolutely consistent but there are some good ones that work well for a variety of the windows they offer. But windows are a big deal in design. Hard to please everyone. You have to see what works for you. Sometimes I download cad details and build a more realistic window of a certain manufacturer, Other times I do a simple “generic” window of my own–and the detail is not going to matter or be picked up in the drawing or rendering Often there’s no way someone has modeled the window you need. MIlgard windows serve if that is the type of window that will be in the project, because they have all the options for sizing, grids, and screens, ready for SketchUp. I don’t use it ATM but flex tools is probably the most versatile, and growing.

Also the Marvin DC collection is quite extensive.

I also find Kolbe collections but I’ve not looked at them much.

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