Window Dynamic Components

I have created some DC windows as attached and would be grateful for any suggested improvements before I post them to the Warehouse.

I am a bit surprised that no one has posted any like this before (or I haven’t found any). They are single sash, double sash, and triple sash, and the user can choose any width or height. That allows people to choose standard window sizes or custom.

I tried to find the simplest and most elegant way of defining sizes and positions. I am not sure I have but it seems to work, which is the main thing.

I think I am getting better at this but any positive suggestions are still most welcome.

1 light casement window.skp (267.2 KB)
2 light casement window.skp (345.4 KB)
3 light casement window.skp (353.0 KB)

Before anyone spots it, I have already noticed one problem. If you scale these drawings, weird things happen. So I am going to make them non-scalable.

In practice, it might be best to have non-scalable windows with a set number of size options (corresponding to standard windows, say), and another set that does allow scaling but no dimension option. So you place the component in the hole and then scale width & height to suit. That’s a whole new ball game!

Here is the collection I used before I ‘graduated’ to the Ruby API.

Sliding Door.skp (62.3 KB)
Building.skp (182.0 KB)
Overhead Door1.skp (785.1 KB)
Window.skp (773.0 KB)
Door1.skp (1.0 MB)

If you want to see what DC looks like when pushed to it’s limit check out Click Window 3D.

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