Dynamic Door Component

I am in the process of creating a dynamic door component with several options. I am working on the last option and am getting issues with my process. Can someone help me with this issue?


The issue is with transom hing & knob sidelight/sizingExterior Door_Dynamic.skp (828.1 KB)

I was able to get the issues solved by exploding the component and then renaming parts. If there is a component wizard that would like to look over this and let me know how I can simplify or reduce the files size, that would be much appreciated. If there are any good books or websites anyone can refer me to the learn more about dynamic components that would be awesome.
Exterior Door_Dynamic.skp (795.4 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ryan,
I’ve had a quick look at your model but I don’t have time to fully pull it apart.
I’m not an expert on dynamic components but I do make them and come from a background of advanced parametrics in other programs.

As far as I can see the large file size is due to your use of hidden geometry rather than parametric geometry. For example you appear to have three toplites above the door that are all essentially the same geometry but with different sizes or locations.

It is conceivable that one set of geometry can achieve all three iterations of the toplite cutting the size of that part of the model by about a third.
You can achieve this by using IF AND OR formulas that will assign different length dimensions or position locations to geometry depending on what list selection or dimensions the user inputs.

As for the best place to learn I mainly used the sketchup help website with the example models you can download from the sketchup warehouse. But as I said I have an understanding of parametrics so for me it was more of a “how do I do this specific thing in sketchup” rather than “what the hell is this”.

I’ve attached a basic dividable window frame that I built for concept design for you to play with.
Note how its construction makes if fully scalable with the scale tool, meaning you can change its size quickly without having to input the dimensions into the dynamic components window. While you may not need to dynamically scale your door component, a similar construction method to this model will allow you to create a parametric toplite and cut the file size down as outlined above.

If you have any specific questions let me know. I will try to check in tomorrow sometime.

Good luck.

BS CP - Window - Multiple.skp (86.3 KB)

To simplify a component, you can delete all the hidden parts, then if required to make it work again, you would swap it with its definition. A ruby script could do this rather than manually, plus make the options inert. (again the drop-downs reactivate on the swap) To make this save file space the optional elements could to be groups so that they are not retained after deleting.(saves purging) If you like this workflow then let us know to help you set it up.
But try a few manual ones first

Another method would be to swap the doors (using double wrap and current formula) rather than using hidden components