DC: Scaleable Windows

I made some types of windows to insert in a wall opening. The components run fine in itself, but they don’t work in the model.

What I did.

Different windows I made by now.

Parts do not sync correct.
Component Attributes, Outliner and local Path are the same, but in Tray 1 Components parts are missing. I don’t know how to correct it.

Some Components are shown correct, some I don’t know where to load from.
Where do I have to save them?

DC Window Types.skp (1.0 MB)

Please help.

I would only guess that you possibly either did not save the component correctly or you need to start a new drawing to test them (not sure but maybe deleting all instances and then purging may help)

highlight the component - right click - save as

the scale attribute has been set to limit some handles

on window 2 RD should read =window!RD

or Lenx could be =Window!RD*2

Thank you for your reply.
Made a new file and modified the windows.

Also renamed the custom textbox and magic: it apears and made me going nuts.

Go through each item with a component redraw as they currently lie, some will change as their attribute formulas have been “updated” when the window was inserted. The other misbehave due to this formula update causing an error. Most likely you have copied elements without making them unique and then changed their formulas. This can be made worst when you work on them in separate files.

So within the same file, make the offending parts unique and rebuild the formulas. Using the term “Parent” in lieu of the name can also help

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Good idea, made a new wall with standard opening. There are three misbehaivors. I thought I found my mistake and did not make them unique before copying. But they are unique, because they are all named different.

The folder with the window types are only used for backup. I won’t insert from there again.

Where can I find this?

using the term parent:
when copying or moving a child component or group one can reference the parent with parent! instead of the parent’s attribute name

so use =parent!size instead of WindowType1!size would allow to reuse the child with a parent attribute container called WindowType6 or any other like door…

I believe you are refering to the parents
the sub components (children) where you have change the formula must be made unique in the file containing your windows (use right click menu). Just changing the name will change the name of all the instances in this context

Yes, there where parent named container. I explodes them and Component Options are ok. So I went through and made some parts new, saved each window,As with a new name. Every thing looks really nice.

Next try
Now each window is saved in top view and is glued to any, twisting around. Can’t edit that, because it is greyed out. Can’t edit the saved,As window because it has no window container. There are only loose parts, but correct positioned. Making a Component of it will break all.custom attributes. They have to be applied again… each one. That’s not tricky its’ just frustrating, torcher. I’m working at that and hope it will be placed correctly after that.

I give up!

No chance to continue.

Making the Window parts unique breaks the formula for custom Options.
Renaming the parts in Outliner has no effest in Component Attributs.
Renaming the parts in Component Attributs breaks the formular, no effect in Outliner.
Typing mistakes cannot be corrected, Component Attributs can be new added but won’t show.
Renaming the file is not allowed, it already exits.
Exloding all parts to make new Components to rename them. Window Container will show no Attributs.

Dead End again!

Thanks for your assistance.

Well it takes some patience to learn how to make DC’s but what you are experiencing is simply the learning curve and not that DC’s are unworkable. I had the same experience.

That being said there are extensions that do doors and windows better than a DC can

I am not interessted in Extensions, I want to learn it by myself.
Just reactivated my old Laptop with Su2015 and give me a new try.
From 3D Warehouse loaded my Dynamic Window made April 2015. If I load it as SU2015 it dosen’t work, loaded as SU2014 it works fine.

The model is not scaleable but has user Options. Added a hint in Feb.2017 that it doesn’t work with SU2017.

It is not scaleable because of the way it was made. I think sub-components are locking it.

For me it works the same in 2016 and 2017 can’t say about 2015
perhaps there was some change in DC’s that effected how they work between 15 and 16.

I did it, whoohhooo
Thanks ChrisStewart for pushing me.

Found my workflow to make these damned DCs run.
Thank you all.