Dynamic Component Cut Face and Duplicate Problem

Hello. I have a problem with Dynamic Component cutting face and it’s self duplication in the component tray. There’s a window which is a DC but it’s not cutting the face when I place it. Also when I try to duplicate it, it makes multiple copies at the component tray even though there’s no single change made. Please help, thanks.
Scalable Double Hung Window - error.skp (621.1 KB)

Scalable Double Hung Window - error.skp (687.3 KB)

I removed your position attributes on the 1st level child ‘CW’ which was causing your placement problem. The component was repositioning itself during the redraw after placement from the window.

This is likely why it is always unique:


Thanks I got that duplicate thing, it seems it is somewhat related to it’s dynamic features. But the window is still not cutting the faces. And it is warning me to not to modify the component’s axis to not to lose it’s dynamic features.

To understand the idea of a cutter to a face. first the cutter always has its plane on the XY and points either in or out with Z axis. So if you draw a plane on XZ, then place a rectangle on that surface, select and make that rectangle a group, if you then double click to open the new group, the axis is XY with Z out. Now delete the face of the group and close, you have a cutting loop.
Now create another rectangle, this time choose to make it a component. Note the axis preference.

This time, within the component, rather than delete the surface, push it back a reveal size, delete front and back, reverse side faces. Now you have a cutting component with a cutting loop at its insertion point, you can move and extend this geometry to form a sill and architrave if required, your window could be rotated and placed within this.

The important things, is to consider, the axis of the object, the creation of a gluing shape, to delete the surface to create a cutting loop of the vertices when converting a normal component.
Looking at the file, remove the gluing plane, now there is a plus in that the parent contains another component called CW, hence one can rotate the CW, then change the axis position of the parent, then change it back to a gluing component. Now there is no raw geometry in the parent, I set the axis / insert point at the frame to allow the sill to sit out. so within the parent draw the shape (rectangle) from this point, then delete the surface so left with a cutting loop.

Scalable Double Hung Window - error.skp (619.2 KB)


Thanks for the very detailed explanation. I’ve downloaded your attachment. Now I’m working on it.