Dynamic Components copied and turning unique


I created a door using Dynamic Components with orientations of Open and Closed, following the same formatting recommended in the Sketchup Dynamic Component tutorials.
I made a component frame, component door, nested in a dynamic component. I added the Attribute “State,” created a dropdown list, Closed=0, Open=90). Under the component door, I inserted a zRotate IF="34x80door!sate!,95,0). Dynamic component worked perfect…no more inserting an open door and closed door and manually hiding whichever one I didn’t wanted to see. I felt like a hero. I DID IT.

BUT THEN… I ran into the unique problem. I put the door in, click it open, then copy it to another frame opening, click it closed, and then a new component is created with a unique name “34x80Door#1”… every time I copy and click the change in open/close orientation, it makes it a new unique component. My model is even worse off then when I was doubling up on components.

I tried saving each piece separately, before converting to DC AND after…

I feel like this is a perfect scenario where DC should help reduce model size/info and its doubling/quadrupling the # of components instead.

Any way around this?


If you want the doors to open separately, they need to be unique, other wise they would open together

like this
all same.skp (26.1 KB)

in the most part the inner components should be the same, unless you have some size or position changes,
If you upload your DC, can see if its possible to have them always the same

What is it that governs whether copying makes unique or all-same ?
I have the same irritation - I don’t mind having them ALL open or close at once, but the spurious uniqueness means if you have to change something in it, they don’t all change with it - which does not work on a thing where i am constantly tweaking all the parts

If a DC has a DC child then it will always be unique after insertion or change, one level DCs (no children) will act as normal components.

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