One particular file crashes


HI there, I have a model from a friend. It has been sent to me from Mac to PC several different times and SU cannot open it. It crashes with bugsplat everytime. another model from this friend works fine and the same model sent to a third friend (also with a Mac) also works fine. Do you have any ideas on why this would be please?


if the model contains ‘Text’ then it may be using a ‘mac’ font that your system can’t handle…

can you ‘Import’ the model into a empty SU model?



Thanks for the reply John but it still crashes.


Have you sent in the BugSplat reports, and if so, what name or tag did you use that the SketchUp Team can use to look up the reports in the database ?

After sending in a splat report, usually a page is displayed in your default browser, explaining (or attempting to explain,) the error code you got. (Sometimes this informational pages contain workaround steps.)

Lastly, can you post the SKP file here that has the issue ?


One thing that has prevented Mac SketchUp files from opening on a PC in the past are texture images (tiff or jpg) that are using the CMYK colour space. I don’'t know if it still applies, but replacing them with RGB files might be worth trying.