One more time - curved texture mapping

Hi guys.
What is for now, the easiest way to cover properly such a pillow or blankets with texture?
For simply solids I’ve been using for long , SketchUV, but I cant mapp more compliacted forms.
Thanks in advance.

Usually have good luck with projecting the texture.

Unfortunately, I use mapping to create high-quality realistic renderings, so projection is not suitable for this purpose. I wish it were that simple. :slight_smile:

Then try wrap-r extension(WrapR | UV Mapping for SketchUp models), or Blender for UVunwrapping and UVmapping.

Ok. Thank You.
So it seems, that there is still no simply tool to paint deformed rectangle with texture.

Try SketchUV. It should map out hidden geometry and you can set some creases for it to unwrap properly.
Plus its free

You could try Artisan, it has a texture painting feature.
Or use Cothworks to create your pillow in the first place, where you would put the texture on beforehand and check the option to preserve UV’s
Or if your geometry is indeed a ‘deformed rectangle’, that suggests that it might have quadfaces, in which case you could use Quadface tools to position your texture.

Have you tried any other SketchUV projection types?

The box map for example.

Hi, Yes I’ve tried. Box map divide pilows for some scraps, and the connection are not suitable.

Do You know how to untriangulate the solid, when You use “Triangulate” option in SketchUV ?

I want to reach this effect :

Curious where the model came from and what the mesh looks like ?
Have a thought but it kind of hinges on my question……