Just got started on SU2018 yesterday w/ my first model, can't figure out how to get a decent UV though!

Hey all,

I picked up SketchUp 2018 yesterday, as well as the Wrap-R plugin. For work I was tasked with re-creating a concept of one of our point-of-purchase retail displays, and add a few design (graphic skin/paint) mockups to the model. I was able to “mostly” re-create the design, but I fear I may have messed up somewhere. I can’t for the life of me get a good UV wrap to texture this little dude.

Below is the actual POP display.

When I use WrapR, the first error I get is “There are ngons in the mesh. The current version…handles only tris and quads. Please remove ngons.” I downloaded Material Tools and Selection Toys to allow me to select only ngons, but when I attempt this, nothing displays.

Would love any help/insight. I attached the model itself below, feel free to take a peek. Eager to learn!

The message would indicate there are faces that aren’t quadrilaterals or triangles. Seems like the first step would be to fix that. You will be able to see the individual faces if you turn on Hidden Geometry.

Why don’t you upload the SKP file so we can take a look and help you get it all sorted? Also share the images for the graphics.

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Here’s my finished model with temporary textures applied:

Below is my UV result:

Model .SKP File

What is it you need the UV for?

I took the liberty of redrawing the display structure. I probably don’t have the curve right but it’s my take on it.

One thing you need to do it make sure you get face orientations corrected as you go. All the blue faces in your model are back faces and should be reversed.

Also get into the habit of making components or groups as you go along.

Sorry, I was unable to reply until now (account had been locked down?). I appreciate you taking your time to re-draw the model, I actually like your version a bit more haha!

The purpose of needing to UV is so that I can texture this composite the different “designs” in various retail spaces, so potential buyers can see a simplified vision of what this display would look like in their stores. I need to design various ‘paint jobs’, basically. I’ve worked with 3D in Photoshop. I like the simplicity of Photoshop CC2018’s rendering engine, and texturing is usually an easy task, assuming one has a good UV map.

Regarding grouping, I was adequate in grouping/component-izing with the bottles, but that was after I had already created the display haha.

Open to learn. I have the weekend to figure this all out, haha.

Completely re-drew the display (minus the bottles), making sure all surfaces are not reversed, and still running into the same issues :frowning:

For such a simple model, you really don’t need Wrap-R. The built in texture tools are fine.

Anything you want to add to the signage can be done by importing it in as a texture or image. Apply the texture material to the sign face. Right click on that face and then use the texture option to adjust the texture to fit appropriately.

For the wood material, you can use projected textures - essentially like taking a flat image and then projecting it down onto a complex 3D surface (in this case a relatively simple but still 3D surface). Look up some tutorials on youtube on how to use it.

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