UV mapping in SketchUp



Hello there,
I have question about some users friendly UV mapping in sketchup. I’ve been modelling in 3DS studio for a while - it has UVW mapping with easy gizmo.
Now I’m trying to work with SU2014 and its very unfriendly and very complicated.
Do you know about some easy plugins or tips how to do it simple?
Thanks Martin


Hi Martin,

Take a look at Extension Warehouse. These extensions may help:

  • Chris


There are very basic texture positioning in SketchUp. Once again from the:

SketchUp User Guide:

True. Chris gives a Extension Warehouse search link above that will list UV mapping tools and plugins.
They may be limited as the APIs may not expose the same UV mapping abilities that you may be used to in other applications.

And here is a “UV mapping” search for the forum, which you’ll see there are a number of feature requests threads to improve texture mapping natively within SketchUp.



One of the users has posted a tutorial that may be of interest: