WrapR | UV Mapping Tool for SketchUp

Hello. A new UV mapping tool is in the making. Take a look at WrapR for SketchUp. The plugin is almost ready. It’s currently undergoing a closed Beta testing.

The accompanying YouTube video looks very promising:


OK. I’ll freely admit my ignorance!

What is UV Mapping? And how is it useful for people using SketchUp?

Suppose you have a rectangular image/texture and you want to apply it to a non-rectangular or non-planar surface. The image must be “warped” to put it onto the surface. UV coordinates on the surface tell how each x,y pixel on the image will land on the surface. A UV mapper interpolates the image to make it still look smooth.


And it’s twisted sibling:

There are links to tutorials at the bottom of these wikis.


Seems to be a SU plugin version of “Roadkill”, assume it’s the same author?
I’ve tried it, and would possibly buy it, but the help and documentation isn’t enough for me to get the hang of it.