How do I UV map across multiple planes?


I’m trying to UV map a human face, and it maps all the planes the same texture. Looks like the face has a million little faces. I want to UV map all the planes as a whole. How do I achieve this?


You need to know the UV coordinates for each face (or for each vertex), then
pt_array = [p0, uv0, p1, uv1, p2, uv2, p3, uv3]
face.position_material(material, pt_array, true).
Yes this needs some calculation, but how should SketchUp else know it?


We non-programmers have to use a projected texture. Place the texture image in front of the model, size it so that it is the right size and right-click and select the projected option from the context menu (if it has been imported as an image you have to explode it first).



Thanks Ill try that out!