Serious Ngon issues with unity bakemaps PLEASE HELP!

hello folks,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but, i’ve recently finished modeling a building i’ve worked on for the past few months and the results with unity are frustrating. This model is a commercial hub building that was made on Sketchup 2018 and exclusively made for a video game called vrchat which is about 1.5gb in fbx file format. One problem here is that im getting terrible bakemap results everywhere around the building which i recently found out that they are “ngons”. ive googled around and posted forums for solutions but no luck at all. i made sure to check the “generate UV maps” on the model inspector, in which the artifacts are worse if i have that option off. i once was told to not use sketchup models on unity which kinda shows why, but is it true? or could there be a solution to save my 4 month project from the recycling bin.


Read this discussion, it might help you:

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What is the easiest way to show the problem happening? I mean, if I make a cube and texture it, and take that into Unity, and it looks ok, what should I do differently?

If you select the camera and change the Rendering Path to Legacy Vertex Lit, does that change anything?

Sounds like a question for the folks at Unity, right?

Maybe, but if there is a material or export thing that could be done in SketchUp that might help, then asking here is worth it. Sounds like he has posted in other forums already.

i did, however, no one replied since 2 weeks ago when ive posted the forum.

It seems to occur when two objects are connected when it comes to push or pull and form an object out of it or having a separate premade object attached to the wall or so. Grouping them or setting them to components does not make a difference. looking at the smoke detectors for instance, they are all merged into one group which oddly have weird artifacts coming from them while the others dont. take a look and compare img 6 and 11. Also, for the export options, ive had everything off other than export materials and triangulate faces, having the triangulate faces option on or off does not make any difference.

Separate disconnected faces is one that might help.

Could you make a small SKP that does go wrong, and show the effect in Unity? Then it would be easier to test export and Unity settings to try to fix that small example.

here is a sample of a small model i’ve made that resemble the large building with the images (15.0 MB)