"Oh no! An error occurred while downloading this component" - Sketchup for Schools

There has already been a thread recently started about this issue, but i’m worried that it will get missed if it’s not in the technical problems category. There doesn’t appear to be a thread under known issues:

Screenshot below.

We are having the same issue in our school district.
Tried it in Edge and Chrome.
I’ve tried a dozen different models, all with various complexities, and they all show the same error.

I also found an older thread about signing in to 3d warehouse, then going back to Sketchup and that works, but we use Microsoft single-sign-on for Sketchup For Schools and 3D warehouse doesn’t support that (Sketchup For Schools Components 3D Warehouse Error - #18 by m0811629).

It seems to work if users download the Sketchup For Schools app from the Microsoft Store, but that’s also inconvenient.
Edit: While the app appears to work on my device, other devices, that appear to be set up the same (same Microsoft Edge version, etc.), don’t work. I’ve tried three others.

Experiencing the same issue; not fun finding this out in the middle of class.

We can see what has changed that caused the problem. Trying to get the appropriate team to fix the problem.