"An Error has occurred that's all we know" Google Login

Having trouble signing in to Sketchup for Schools.

When presented with the google login popup all students and some teachers receive the error “An error has occurred that’s all we know” and cannot proceed any further.

Attached is a screenshot

Both 3rd Party Cookies and Pop-ups have been allowed but it still doesn’t like it. We have tried it on both Chrome and Edge web browsers. All permissions have been allowed on Google Admin for the app as well as Google Classrooms.

I’m not sure what the issue may be.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Many Thanks



Hi @Claverham , what devices are you seeing this issue on?
What browser do you use to open edu.sketchup.com? Are you using standalone browsers?

Hi @marwanobeidat, we use windows 10 pcs and this is happening on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

Same issue here across Students, but not for Teachers

We recently changed API settings in our org but SketchUp isn’t throwing an API issue.

We have the same Issue, only specific student users are being affected and not all students… but a handful cannot connect their google accounts to sketchup - it’s quite frustrating as we have everything approved on our end - all students are in the same OU so if some are not working there is an underlying issue on your end.

We have noticed this may have started occuring when google changed their under 18 app policy which requires super admins to approve apps etc however everything is approved and ready for use on our end.

Like I previously mentioned this is not affecting all students but a handful.

we have switched students OUs around just to be 100% sure it’s not something on our end and we get the same error each and every time.

I have spoken to Trimble who have already whitelisted our domain.

Please try again, looks like there was an issue that was resolved on the google side.
Let us know how things are working for you.