Oh no! An error occurred while downloading this component

I created 3 models yesterday, that I uploaded to the 3D warehouse, set to private. I was able to download them all yesterday. Today, I can locate them within the 3D warehouse, but I get the “Oh no! An error occurred while downloading this component” red box that drops down from the top of the screen.

I have changed nothing since yesterday. It will not let me access the models that I spent a pretty long time creating. Is there anyway to fix this so it doesn’t keep happening, or a workaround I could try to get my models back and save them locally?

PM me the info, along with:

Are you downloading in SketchUp or in a browser? Versions & Win or Mac?
What’s your home url when you go to your account?



Can’t find the PM button but:

I’m using sketchup free version, in a chrome browser on windows. my home URL is-

The Model names are EH020 EH030 and EH040, EH020Sketchup

PM is Private Message. I’ll send you one now.

Can you post a screen recording on how to do screen recordings?

I already have, google is your friend…

or was, long ago, maybe…