Objects not rendering in Layout

We’ve noticed that some components from the sketchup drawing, do not render in Layout when we start using Styles. Please see attached photo. Take a look at the barstools… its as if only straight lines can render? We’ve had this issue before with other items…

I would upload additional photos to show the different angles, and how the drawings looks without style rendering, but since we are a new user… We can only post one photo.

Let us know how we can prevent this.

Those kind of styles react to edge lenghts.

If an edge is big it get’s linetype A, if it’s small it get’s B and so on. If edges don’t fit any of the preset lenghts they might not render as expected.

If your stools has curves, wich are composed of several segments, Layout might be interpreting each segment as a small edge.

Your style might not have been set in a way those small edges work properly. This is specially true when edges have gaps at their end or start, like in this style.

The gaps in the lines are a result of the Sketchy Edges-type style you are using. Switching to one of the default styles should help. Sketchy Edges usually only work well at computer screen resolution.