[BUG] Hybrid Rendering Sketchup Styles - Display Profiles but not Edges

I need to use this Sketchup style in order to represent an Architectural Drawing Layer:

  • Edges Turned OFF;
  • Profiles Turned ON;

But it’s not working in Layout in Hybrid mode:

The title suggests this is due to a bug. If so, should it be in Feature Requests? Perhaps you mean as something to get corrected?

I don’t think it is a feature but there’s no BUGs forum and I don’t want to bother regular Layout users with matters as boring and specific as this one.

Also, I’ve encontered “features” like this in the past that were “working as designed” so they were not bugs.

Thanks for moving this to the Technical Problems part of the forum @DaveR

I’ll remember this section next time.

Tried to understand the problem…so forgive me if I’m wrong…have you updated and saved the scene in Sketchup?
Style appears to be up to date…is this the style in use in the scene depicted?


I have the scene correctly saved, the layout file is synced and updated, if I change properties in Sketchup’s style they also change in Layout. But this specific style property doesn’t translate well from SketchUp to Layout.

So the problem is not user related, in this case. SketchUp can display only profiles without edges, but Layout cannot.

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