2017 - Styles - Edge Profiles Can't Be a Level 1


I want to have no edges, but I want profiles turned on and set to a level 1. Level 2 is too thick of a profile. If I go down to level 1 the edges turn on and I lose the just the profile edges. This is new in 2017. How can I fix this?


I can reproduce this on my Mac. It strikes me as a bug. Specifically: unchecking the box to turn off edges is ignored unless you increase the thickness of profiles. 2016 doesn’t do this.


I can reproduce it on my PC, and I too can confirm that it works as expected in v. 2016.



I can reproduce it, too. Weird bug.


Was just about to submit this too. Having this problem on my Windows 10 machine with latest SU 2017 17.1.174

I hope this gets fixed soon because this combination (no edges and profiles=1) is what I use a LOT as my default rendering style!


Just installed Maintenance Release 2 for 2017/Pro and this bug is STILL there. Come on, SketchUp: when the new version breaks something that used to work in the previous version, that should be a priority for fixing!