Layout 2018 - Sketchup Styles wont display as hybrid or vector renders


I’ve had a look through the forums and came across a closed discussion on this issue: Layout 2018 not displaying extensions/endpoints in vector/hybrid mode

I was just wondering if anyone has found a workaround to this problem of Layout 2018 not displaying SketchUp styles as hybrid or vector renders? I have Layout 2016 also installed on my pc which allows me to do this but I will be loosing this shortly due to a change in OS and as its more than 2 years old I won’t be able to reinstall it.

The SketchUp styles that I am using are Conte and Tech Pen, they view fine as raster renders but revert back to the default style when I select vector or hybrid.


Vector and Hybrid render modes would be used if you want vector edges instead of raster edges. Sketchy edges such as are used in the Conte and Tech Pen styles are created in SketchUp with raster images. When you select Hybrid or Vector it makes total sense that vector edges would be displayed instead of the sketchy edges.

Layout 2016 does render the sketchy styles when you select vector or hybrid for example it displays the line extensions of these styles but for some reason this isn’t the case in Layout 2018 as it just reverts to the default style. Do you know if there is a way to add line extensions in layout that work with the vector and hybrid renders as that would be a potential workaround to my problem I think?

Extensions are different than displaying the sketchy, raster edges. LO2018 does not display extensions when the edges are set to be displayed as vector lines due to a bug. The LO team are working on the solution to that.

The only work around currently is to stick with an earlier version or leave edges set to display as raster. If you leave rendering as raster, you’ll get the sketchy edge styles, too.

In any case, the sketchy, raster edges won’t display when you select a render mode to show vector lines.

Yeah that’s what I figured. Thanks for the response.

Would you happen to know if this will be fixed in the 2019 version of LO?

I have no knowledge of what will be in LO2019 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it does get fixed for the next version. Based on past history, it’s not real likely there’ll be a maintenance release for SU2018 before 2019 gets released so I would hope for it.

Major SketchUp Versions are usually released in November. In February, the first maintenance release and in September the second maintenance (Version 2015-2017) Sometimes a third within a major version. (Oct.2017:17.3 for Mac)
The bugfixing or Os-related issues were always for the Pro- and Make platform, but since 2018 there are three platforms: Pro (Desktop), Shop and Free (Web Based)
The focus of maintenance is now on the last two, so it seems…but still hoping :grinning:

Since Shop and Free are web based, I think they’re being continually updated - no hoarding of fixes until the next maintenance or major release.

yes, this was my point

Oops! I blame this on my early morning routine - a quick read before going to work. While you wrote “… is now on the last two”, I think my brain received “… is now on the first two”!

Sorry to other posters as I have nothing constructive to add, but I just have to rant -

This is (insert very angry swear-words) outrageous. I can’t believe this STILL hasn’t been fixed. Are there any employees reading this? What’s happening? Why on earth did I pay for an upgrade? What does ‘Pro’ mean?

No I don’t feel better, (sadly)…

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