Line extensions & endpoints not showing in Layout 2018


I’m sure I saw something on here recently about this but for the life of me I can’t find it now.

I can’t get Layout to respect my style settings in respect of Endpoints and Extensions anymore. It just doesn’t show them.
If I open an older drawing (from 2016 pro (I skipped 2017) it shows my extensions perfectly, if I swap styles and swap back - no dice.

Is this a known issue with 2018? Or is there a workaround? Just so I don’t spend hours pulling my hair out.



Yes. This is a known issue with Vector and Hybrid rendering. It’s being worked on by the LO team.

The only work arounds that I know of currently would be to render edges as raster, manually make extensions by actually drawing the lines longer in SU, stack viewports, or save back to an earlier version for rendering and export.



Thanks Dave. I think I’ll leave it to my elders and betters to fix it at SketchUp Towers.



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