2017 to 2018 SketchUp to Layout display issues

So I’m at the tail end of a commercial project done almost entirely in SketchUp and LayOut. Wow, this has been eyeopening to say the least. I have a stack of issues to present but will do that at another time. Here is the problem ‘du jour’. I made the mistake of updating to SketchUp Pro 2018 from SU Pro 2017 before this current project is 100% finished and out the door. When I update my models to 2018 and then open my corresponding files in LayOut 2018 and update the reference SketchUp files. Lines appear that were not there before. Some of the lines are understandable, but others are frankly not there - they don’t exist. I go into SketchUp, turn on every layer and “View” Hidden Geometry. There is nothing there. This is beyond frustration at this point. To go back and recreate all of the sheets and views in LayOut would destroy my business - literally. Now for the “understandable” lines, there appears to be a disconnect between the Styles as sent from SketchUp 2018 and as previously set up in a given viewport and the Style that LayOut 2018 decides to use. So I go click on the correct “In Model” style -say - Vector and the display is completely wrong - not even close to what I set up as Vector Style in SU2017. Help! This problem really needs to get fixed a.s.a.p. Thanks

Situations such as you describe generally require that a skp file accompanies the post to clearly illustrate what you have encountered. This will better facilitate comprehension of the issue by other users and augments the potential for a workable remedial approach.

Ok! I love it when I can solve my own issue - at least partially. It appears that there are still problems with LO2018 when I select the style in LO it displays incorrectly and I haven’t yet opened the floor plan files to see if I can fix them, but for some reason LayOut 2018 was selecting different Model Views than the ones I had specified and this was causing some strange things to occur. For example I have a Model View named “WS East Build - 1” and a Model View named “WS East Build - 1V”. The first is the wall section model view & the second is the corresponding section cut vector view. LO2018 inadvertently changed from the vector view to the model view in some cases. Bizarre.

I’m back again with the same issue, which is, that after installing SketchUp (and LayOut) 2018. The display of existing files in LO is completely corrupted. Last time I was able to partially fix this problem by fixing the styles that LO was referencing. This did nothing this time (already referencing the correct styles). This really puts me in a bind as I am trying to address comments made by Summit County before they will issue a permit for construction. Any ideas would be helpful.

. The first jpg shows what the sheet should look like. The PDF from which this pic was taken was exported from LO 2017. This second jpg shows what I’m getting out of LO 2018. The top left stair section appears correct. There are some superfluous lines in the second stair section, more in the lower left stair section and the lower right stair section is completely messed up. SketchUp team, how do I fix this? I did not “draw” any of these extra lines. I have no idea where they came from.

A little additional info. Each of the sections is made up of two views of the model; a raster view and a 2D vector view. The raster view was inserted as Hybrid so the diagonal lines would look. All of the raster views were inserted the same way and with the same style. All of the vector views were also inserted the same with a vector style applied. The problem is with the raster views. If I change the hybrid to raster, it fixes the problem but makes the diagonal lines look awful. I did not change the upper left section and it’s fine - doesn’t make sense.

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