Objects in imported skp file are transparent

I imported an skp file from Dimesnions.com. I have never had a problem until now. I imported a file showing some furniture. The surfaces have disappeared, rendering the object as a wireframe.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with. In what file format were the furniture objects you got from that site?

File (Sketchup 2024) is too large to upload.
This is what the downloaded file looks like in Sketchup 2024.

This is what it looks like when I copy or import it into the destination file.

Upload the files to Dropbox and share the link.

You shared the .skb backup file. I’ll look at it but it probably is not as up to date as the .skp file.

I don’t see the furniture you show in the screenshot.

Sorry … here is the SKP file

Did you import the file called 3D Object? What is that file type.

Share the .skp file of just those two pieces of furniture.

Edit to add: While waiting for the other .skp file I asked for, I did my usual cleanup. First fixing incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_6_2024 , 3_21_18 PM
And purging unused stuff. No reason to be hoarding all those components and materials.
Screenshot - 5_6_2024 , 3_23_17 PM

File size reduction of over 80% after that.

You really ought to replace all those drawn edges for the flooring with a texture.

The furnuiture is tagged “BP - desk and bench” in the “Boys Play - Study" folder.

Here is the downloaded skp file. (I downloaded the SKP file, not the 3D Object).

Thanks. I clean up tags, folders and unused objects every so often. I hadn’t thought of purging unused materials.

Put it down to poor modeling on the part of whomever created the IKEA pieces. Edges and faces are tagged. At some point I expect you deleted unwated tags and wound up deleting the faces in the proocess. Like your model I fixed the incorrect tagging.
Screenshot - 5_6_2024 , 3_43_59 PM

Personally I hate models like that. Too much wrong with it. I’d prefer to make my own model over fixing someone else’s bad practices.

Here’s the cleaned up IKEA file. Replace the wireframe ones with these.
3D-Dimensions-Furniture-Benches-IKEA-Flisat-Childs-Bench FIXED.skp (475.7 KB)

Dave, Thanks so much. What did you mean by my incorrect tag usage? What clean up steps did you take to reduce the file size so much?
Ted Cape

ALL edges and faces in the model should be created AND left untagged. In your model and the IKEA furniture model faces and edges have been given tags. I fixed that by untagging all of the geometry.

I just purged unused stuff from your model. I used a plugin called PurgeAll because it gives the report showing how much was removed. You can do the same thing with Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused but it doesn’t show the same report. I also reduced the size of some excessively large texture images.

Thanks, Dave … very helpful. So, when I create an object, group the edges and surfaces, then tag the group, not any of the edges and surfaces.

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Exactly! Leave Untagged active at all times.

If you tag the geometry then as you edit groups and components you have to be chasing the active tag which just creates more work and opens you up to errors. Tagging only the groups and components means you don’t even need to know which tag the object has while editing.

Terrific. Thanks.

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