Problem Importing SKP file

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I received a file for Sketchup but when i import the file it is placed somewhere i cannot find it and i am trying to place it so i can export it to AGI32???

This is very very frustrating because i need to place lighting and render the model…Please help with this

Do you mean within the model space? What happens if you hit Zoom Extents?

Why are you importing the .skp file? What do you see if you simply open the file instead?

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are seeing?

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Sorry for not replying…The problem is that when i import the file it places it way of the axis and when i try to move it it takes 45 minutes and not yet done???

Is there a way to maybe clean the file uo then placing it or something…

Hi there not sure how bit it s to big. Can i send it via wetransfer?

If you open the .skp file instead of import it, you can clean it by going to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused.

Is this a SketchUp that you created?

You can upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer.

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I received it from te architects of my client, it is 67M. What is the email address i can send the link to

Share the link in a PM if you can’t make it public.

I have no idea how to create the link with we tansfer???

I created a link by mailing to my other account will send the link now when i receive it

Here we go Download link

Thank you for the help

It’s a bit slow to work with as it’s a big model and it was 7.3km from the origin. I moved it to the origin. This means all your scenes point at where it used to be. I made one new scene, Scene 18, in case you lose it again.

Since McGordon fixed your model for you I won’t bother to upload mine but I did some cleanup and repair. First I corrected the incorrect Tag/Layer usage.

Screenshot - 4_20_2020 , 3_15_46 PM

I ran CleanUp3
Screenshot - 4_20_2020 , 3_35_17 PM

And Purged Unused.
Screenshot - 4_20_2020 , 3_17_26 PM

The result is a file size reduction of about 42%. From 67.2 Mb to 39.2 Mb. That really improves the performance.

I only did Purge Unused and as it made almost no difference to the file size (looks like it was mostly layers) I don’t think I uploaded the purged version. I don’t have that purge extension, so I don’t know what’s being purged. I can see that’s quite handy to have.

I love the crows artwork but this seat looks like it has loose parts and the bottom right bit looks easy to break off.

Crow Seat

Hi there

I dont even know where to start saying thank you lemme look at how it works now

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I think maybe you should upload your version because of the size reduction? If you dont mind

Sorry. I don’t have that. It would be your original version.

ooo ok no problem can you let me know how to reduce it like you did?

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Once again thank you for the help…i have a question? When i import the model it places the model a high high it doesn’t not look like it is on ground level …on the axis it looks like it is hig?? Please understand i am VERY new at this.

I just grabbed a corner and moved it to the origin. I thought you just wanted to get it near the origin so you could work on it yourself, as you said you couldn’t find it. You can move it to any height you want. Because the drawing was so large and far from the origin, I didn’t move it with the mouse. I clicked once with the move tool, then typed [0,0,0] to move it to the origin. That probably changed the height if I didn’t click on something that was meant to be at floor level z=0.

Moving an object up or down is really basic, you should at least learn a little bit about SketchUp:

I don’t normally purge other people’s files as it may remove something they wanted like a component in the file that wasn’t placed yet, or a material they meant to use later, etc. In this case it’s probably fine as you’ve just been given this to render.

The file has 17 scenes set up and they’re all working. If you move that drawing to the origin, the scenes won’t work as the camera will be pointing at the empty space where the building used to be. I suppose they could be modified with a Ruby script. Look at the original file and click all the scene tabs at the top of the window one at a time: a1, a2, a3… a15, z1, exp. I think it would be a mistake to move the building to the origin especially if you’re meant to render each of these scenes.

Here’s a 45MB version with the drawing moved to the origin without changing the height at all, so it’ll be about 1.9m different from last time.

I used CleanUp3 (Extension Warehouse), TIG’s Default Layer Geometry, and TIG’s Purge All (Sketchucation). Instead of Purge All you can use Purge Unused in Model Info>Statistics. I like TIG’s plugin because it gives the report of what was purged.