Problem with skp file

Hello, could anyone please confirm if this is a useable SketchUp file?
I’m having trouble importing it into another file, and I don’t know where the issue is…

Maybe you are trying to import this file into a model that is already very large.

Wouldn’t hurt to fix it up, first.

Here I’ve fixed the incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be made and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 11_19_2021 , 11_44_26 AM

And purged unused stuff from the file periodically. This reduced the file size by almost 73%!
Screenshot - 11_19_2021 , 11_44_53 AM

YDRAY-Mobilier purged.skp (12.8 MB)

About 97% of edges and faces are in the entourage elements on the shelves. The cabinets, oven, range and sink contribute about 14 000 of the about 470 000 edges .

I’m importing this model into a 19-mb large model (according to Skp).

Thanks, I appreciate the cleanup! It isn’t one of my models but a 3DW one.

I can understand that, with all those curved surfaces and details…
I’ll try uploading DaveR’s filtered model and see if it’s better.

19 Mb is already a bit large for a Sketchup Free file. Might be worth investigating your model to see if anything can be purged from it.

It’s a good idea when getting files from the 3D Warehouse to open them in a separate file and make sure they are suitable before trying to add them to your project.

That would be very kind…
As it is a ‘home-made’ model there shouldn’t be anything over the board, but it’ll only do it good. I might have to upload the model tomorrow though.

You can try purging unused components and materials yourself and see what happens.

I already regularly purge both components and materials.

OK. Then there probably isn’t anything to do in that vein. Are you using tags correctly?

First project I use them, but again I haven’t done anything much with them.
Here’s the model!
I’d tried putting the kitchen worktop that DaveR had kindly purged, but it finished in a mess where I could neither save the project nor download it… :roll_eyes:
So I went back to the model before kitchen insertion, I’ll insert it later/find another one.
If you’re wondering what “BEPOS” means, it’s the french shortened word for a house that produces more energy than it consumes (Bâtiment à Energie POSitive). It’s for a school project…

I tried that model on its own, and also inserted into a new document, both worked fine. Are you inserting into a different larger model, that is the one with problems?

I’m inserting the first model, the kitchen cleaned up by DaveR, into this second model. I’ll try again, perhaps it was just a temporary bug.

It’s ok after all.
Everything’s fine now, thanks for the help.

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