Objects in Groups Suddenly Hidden

So suddenly in my model, on all the 10+ Scenes I set up, most everything is hidden and I have to go into each of the groups and do a Unhide All to see them,

I just exported a image from a Scene, now if I go back to that Scene, about 3/4 of the objects are Hidden, so what the heck? How did all those things in the different groups get hidden? I didn’t open up each group and hide the things in it.

Post your model & update your profile.

The model is way too big to post here Simon.

Can you create a Dropbox link (or similar)?

In the meantime, you could try this: select a scene, DON’T change the camera view in any way, Select All, Unhide All, then Update Scene. Navigate away from the scene and back again. Does it still happen?

I am assuming here that you don’t have anything that you want to stay hidden…

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Maybe a layer is switched off or if you expand your scenes dialogue box there are elements unchecked that are not updating with your scenes?

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I haven’t touched the layers, here’s the model, you can see the first 4 scenes have most of the objects hidden now,

please excuse this messy model!

There’s a chance the objects are hidden in that scene. Perhaps after you unhide them, you update the scenes to lock in the change.

Are you using Hide to make certain elements invisible instead of using Layers for that?

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No Dave, I haven’t been using hide instead of using layers. I was setting up a few pages and exporting images, after exporting an image went back to another scene and everything was hidden, inside of groups.

this has happened to me a time or two before with different models.

I’ve downloaded and opened your model, and saw that the first few scenes do hide most objects. So, I simply told it to unhide them, right-clicked on the scene, and selected Update. This fixed the issue you’re experiencing.

It seems you just created a scene that had the items hidden. You just need to unhide them and update the scenes. Cheers!

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I do see a lot of hidden stuff in your model

It looks like you are using Hide to control what is visible in various scenes. You aren’t using layers for that as you should be.

If you hide something within a group or component, it will remain hidden in other scenes.

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Yes but I never Hid anything within a group, is what I’m saying. So how did everything get hidden is my question.

Best Practice …
• Do not use Hide to control visibility.
• Use Layers to control visibility.

To get back on track, see the link to the Unhide All plugin in this post.

I somehow got the impression that @JoeFromSDiego never used the ‘Hide’ operation within any group’s environment. So I think the question still remains unanswered?

To @JoeFromSDiego. You’ll most likely benefit from naming your groups with sensible/logical names instead of “naming” (most of) them just group. Not that it is related to your ‘hide’ issue for a fact, but who knows, it could be. As a side effect, named groups would make managing and investigating your model a lot easier.

Thanks folks but yes I never hid anything, everything just got hidden on its own.

You really intended for those hundreds of extra markings and pieces to be viewable on every scene? If so, the fix is still the same: go to each scene, unhide all, and update scene. Should be good to go.

If SketchUp really is hiding most of your model selectively for each scene, then that would be a bug. I’ve never heard of this before, though.

Undocumented SU feature: “It’s playful, now comes with auto hide and seek!” :wink:

That’s a 3 year old model of a slightly larger pavilion I’d already designed, I designed this new design and only set up a few pages for it so far, all the other pages, and 3/4 of the pieces, are from the older model I just hadn’t deleted the unused stuff yet,

that’s why it’s such a cluttered skp