Objects have red bounding boxes around them, even on exported images

As of this morning, all my objects have red bounding boxes. I cannot get red of them, so Sketchup is useless to me.

From just your screen shot it looks like you’ve locked them and have them selected. It’s not a normal SketchUp thing to show them for image exports. Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got and help you fix it.

Shoal Bay with containers.skp (5.9 MB)

Well, this is what I see in SketchUp. First a screenshot with the objects selected.

And an exported image from the model.

I did fix incorrect tag usage in your model.
Screenshot - 5_29_2023 , 10_25_18 AM

And I purged a bunch of unused stuff from the file.
Shoal Bay with containers.skp (5.8 MB)

This has something to do with your computer. What Mac OS version? What graphics card. Please complete your forum profile.

I have a Macbook 2022. Apple M1 Pro. I don’t know what the graphics card is.

Same issue with the downloaded file

Something is wrong on your end. Probably the graphics drivers. The bounding box for the image is flat, not 3D. The bounding boxes for the containers aren’t as large as your screen shot shows.

Do you have some extension that might be responsible for this?

Maybe @colin can take a look when he gets to work tomorrow.

I am not aware of anything. The only thing that has changed is that I started using Sketchup for Ipad yesterday, though not on any of these models.
I’ll reboot.

SketchUp for iPad wouldn’t have anything to do with this. Which Mac OS version are you using?

13.3.1a - now downloading an update

rejoice my friends, for I have solved the mistery of the red boxes

Ok, in SU23 there is this new panel on the side, in french it’s incrustation, I think it’s overlay in english ? it allows you to have a selection of plugins always on.

you have the Solid inspector overlay on. The red boxes are here to yell at you “THIS IS NOT A SOLID”

I had pretty much the same case right after updating :D. to stop it, untick solid inspector in the overlay panel :slight_smile:


I forgot about the Overlay feature. Good catch.

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Oui, c’est vrai
It went away!

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by the way, your photo is quite good for a photomatch.

I assumed the buildings on the right were almost parallel to the existing container (almost, because in the end I had to tweak a bit one of the lines so it fits better)

Here, a regular work scene, and a photomatch one :wink:

Shoal Bay with containers.skp (3,2 Mo)

— I often teach photomatch with the photo of a container. everything is perpendicular, the dimensions are known. then we do the corner of a room or a fancier building. container rules.

From the photo, you might find approximate shadows (or more precise if you know the coordinates + time and date, although… it would probably match the existing old one :wink:

The photo is from a drone. I am currently doing Photogrammetry surveys which yields very detailed images, but there are guyed towers around this tower and I did not feel safe flying automatic image missions. this was the only usable image I had. I did a manual tower survey flight which yielded very detailed images from 10ft away from the tower, but they were of no use for this.

Sorry that I wasn’t around much yesterday. It’s nice to have federal holidays now and then!

I don’t know if I would have thought about Overlays. I marked ateliernab’s post as being the Correct answer, to help other people who get the same problem.

I did set the date and time exactly and the shadows matched very well. Thank you for your help.

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