Obj export issues on Sketchup 2021 [MacOs]


Hi there,
I’d like to report a really annoying issue I’m having with Sketchup 2021.

When exporting a model with correctly orientated faces, those faces appears to be randomly misoriented when imported in any other software (in that case Blender)

Here’s how it looks like in Blender :

When saving the model as 2019 .skp, opening it with Skp 19 which I still have on my computer then exporting it, the faces are good.

Here are my specs :
Sketchup version 21.1.331 (but noticed it since the first release)
MacOs Big Sur (11.6)
Intel processor
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 Go

Thanks a lot !

As I can’t embed more than one image, here’s the model in sketchup :

And in Blender when exported from Sketchup 2019

Sorry for these multiple posts.

Can you post the sphere model that gives you problems? Does the sphere have a thickness?

Hi there,
Here’s the model. There is no thickness on it.
It’s obviously a simple test model, and I must precise I’m having the issue with every model I made, from the simplest to the more complicated ones.
sphere.skp (355.0 KB)

On my Mac running SU 2021 I tried exporting your model as .obj and then viewing it with Meshlab. It looked fine. Then I tried again with the option checked for “Export two-sided faces”. Viewed in Meshlab, that version showed z-fighting from the coincident faces that were generated. Could the problem be that this option is set differently in your SU 2019 than in 2021?


So that’s was the issue !
Thanks a lot, I’ve lost too much time already saving copies in skp19 of my files each time I wanted to export something.
Many thanks for your help :slight_smile: