Have I done something wrong?

Hello everyone,

Ive recently been adding 3d logos to my models through Inkscape and intersecting faces.

My models were looking great at first, then today all my models have a lot of white lines that make the model look unrecognizable when zoomed out.

Have I checked out a wrong box somewhere? I am on Sketchup 2022 Pro, using Hide all edges extension. Thank you to RTCool and Eric-s for help on my previous topic.

My first sea containers in blue were great, then today, those in orange starting showing these while lines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Not certain from your screenshots, try tapping k on the keyboard, it is the toggle for Show Back edges.
If that doesn’t fix it add your model so we can look closer.

I’m guessing the metal on those containers are modelled with thickness and the thickness is realistic. I had made some sheet metal panels that were a true 26ga, or 3/160ths of an inch.
I would run into some rendering issues where I could see z fighting with the reversed faces.

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Containers DYM.skp (2.0 MB)

Hello Box, I was seeing a small difference when tapping K but the white didn’t go away.

Weird thing is, it was fine yesterday.

Please see the model attached.

Thats interesting. I do see that on some of my more detailed models but these were fine yesterday.

What you are seeing is z-fighting with the back faces of the other skin of the panels. The thinness of the material is what causes the issue, it’s a common opengl problem. Perhaps yesterday they weren’t painted white and today they are.
Painting the back faces to match can alleviate the issue, see in the gif how I reverse everything, paint it with the front face material and reverse it back. The green of the logo now fights with the orange, but you can fix that by doing the details.

Another option is not to have the second skin of the metal, these are all things to consider when you make your models and how they are to be used. Something else to note, when you hide edges it sort of leaves a gap so you can see in, you often need to paint the back faces to avoid these strange edge gaps showing.


Box, that is amazing.

Thank you so much. I thought I was going crazy.

Really appreciate the help.


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This will solve my issue with the panels. Neat!! Thanks again, @Box!

If you absolutely need to have the material thickness modelled, you could make the interior a separate group or component and hide it for your exterior views.


Just thinking out loud, but what about painting the back faces transparent? Also, I wonder about painting the edges with the same color as the faces, and then using a style that has edges set to Color>By Material instead of All Same? I confess I don’t use that setting much, but feel like I should use it more.

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Thinking out loud works.
Editing the back face material to be transparent certainly works, but painting the edges with the same material isn’t perfect.