Object opacity, transparancy

Hi, How can I make an object transparant. I imported a tree from 3d warehouse and I want to make it a bit transparant so I can see the house behind it. Anybody knows how to do this?..

To make an object transparent, you need to edit the materials that are used on the faces of the object. to do this, open the materials window by selecting the paint bucket tool. Then you can use the menu to navigate to the appropriate material or use the eyedropper tool to select the material. Once you have the material selected, you should be able to use the opacity slider to increase or decrease the opacity accordingly.

If you need any help with these steps or run in to any problems let me know so I can try and find a solution for you

Thanx for your kind reply , I will try it out !

Yes!! it works perfect! Thanx for the goed advice.

Glad to help! Please feel free to ask any more questions! Being able to help people on these forums is one of my favorite things to do. It makes me happy to see people learning and using SketchUp.

Hi CaseyG,

I cant seem to find this opacity adjuster. It is available on the “free web version” of Sketchup?


Sorry…Is it available on the free version?