HELP! Sketchup make is making objects transparant!? - on default style

HELP! I have a project I am supposed to get done for Monday and I have noooo idea what is going on with my model. I attached a photo - when I make a 3D object it keeps turning translucent and even painting it does not fix it. I tried changing styles ans such but nothing. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

If I could get an answer quickly would be best as I am on a time crunch. Thank you!!wtf

Says who? Your profile indicates SketchUp Make, which is for personal use, only.

From what am seeing, this might be graphic card related, and updating the dunno might be the first place to look.

or a wrong layer usage? You should upload an example to shorten the search…

Or possibly you’ve accidentally turned on View/Face style/X-ray?

Upload a sample SketchUp (.skp) file that shows the problem, as suggested earlier, and it will be easier to help you. And try to find out the graphics card details.