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I use Sketchup and Layout to preparing differents plots of the venue I work in.

I need to merge my plots with the plots of the compagnies who come into my venue.

Most of time they send me PDF or picture like PNG. I need to merge them into layout.

I’m already able to import it but what i want to do is set transparency on that pictures I important.

I don’t already know how to do that and I think there is now way to do it layout so I need to prepare my picture brefore import it.

Let me know if i’m right or if ther is a way to do that.


You should be able to do that in your photo editing software. I use Affinity Photo.

Yes I know, I can do it in Photoshop, Illustrator or even Vectorworks. The point is I use Layout to edit my plots. I don’t want to use, Layout and … to do what others do in one software.

I think it could be a pretty cool improvement of the soft.


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I agree. A simple opacity setting would be nice for so many reasons. And so simple.

maybe you can hack your way through this:
Create a plane over your model and apply as a texture the image from the pdf.
(if it is raster you can just copy it and save it somewhere, if it is vector you have to convert the pdf to raster image) scale it so that it fits your underlying model and adjust the material’s opacity.
Then create an ortho top view scene and export to layout. that way you can adjust the opacity in sketchup and you have the added benefit that you can update the image reference from the material texture.

hope this was clear and hope it helps :slight_smile:

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