How do I lower the opacity of a Sketchup model in Layout?

I would like to use a Sketchup model view as a 2D background in Layout. For example, 50% opacity so that I can add my specific information on top of it and plot it to pdf. I just need to reduce the opacity of the entire model (including edges) within Layout so that I can add my information to the architect’s backgrounds. Intuitively, this would be an opacity slider either within Layout’s Sketchup Model menu items, or within the Document setup references window, but I can’t seem to find this. My thought is this ability is implemented somewhere and I just can’t find it. Thanks in advance.

If I understand what you are wanting to do, I would suggest placing a shape over the viewport (next layer up) and giving that shape white fill with the opacity reduce slightly. In this screenshot there’s a rectnagle drawn over the left half of the sheet. Opacity for the fill is set to 73%.

There is no setting for viewport opacity.


Ok. That is a good workaround! I will try to submit model viewport opacity as a feature request. Thanks for your help.


I do the same, works a treat.

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