PDF opacity


Is there a method to adjust the opacity of an imported PDF site plan to enable easier tracing? I know I can change the line color, to red for example, but wondering if there is another option such as adjusting opacity of PDF?

I’m learning Vectorworks Landmark and this option is available. Makes tracing easier to view over grayed out PDF.


Put the PDF into a Group or Component and then SketchUp’s “fade” settings will take effect.

Thanks will give it a go.


This didn’t work.

I imported pdf of land survey.

Exploded, made Component.

Tried fade settings and nothing happens. Am I missing a step?


How did you import the PDF as SketchUp doesn’t natively import PDF files? Was it via an extension, or did you convert to a JPEG? Either way, use the sample paint eyedropper under ‘materials’, then you can use the materials edit dialogue to change the opacity.

Try X-Ray Mode.

Thank you. Will try.

Thank you. A method I did not think of works! Thanks

@Kenny Windows version does not support PDF import, but Mac version does. They are using Mac OS.