PDF Import Quality


Just wanted to show the quality difference between an import of a PDF into Vectorworks and then SketchUP.

Are there any settings to improve the import quality of PDF’s into SketchUP? This import into SU is barely usable as a traceable drawing.




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You can open the PDF in Preview and export it as PNG, with the DPI set to 300. That will give you a huge image with a lot of detail. You also would want to go into Preferences, OpenGL, and check the box that says Use maximum texture size.

Alternately, if you have Adobe Illustrator, or another application that can read PDF and export DXF, you could export the PDF to a DXF file, and import that into SketchUp. It would then look perfect, and you would have actual geometry that you could use, instead of having to trace everything.

Hi Colin thanks for the quick reply. I’ll try those suggestions. Cheers

Amazing results. Thanks again.