Open a PDF

Hi I have a PDF file and I need to get it into SketchUp 2022 Windows 10 how can I get it done.

Import of PDF files is not supported on Windows. Depending on the PDF you can make an image snapshot or a screenshot in JPG or PNG format and import that into SketchUp as an image. Or, if the PDF contains Vector linework, you could open the PDF in an application like Inkscape and export a .dxf file that you could import into SketchUp.

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Ok thanks on the update. I was able to get the PDF to JPG is there a way to get the image sharper. I have not used SketchUp for several months how do we use the tape measure tool to rescale it. I had 3 images that were 24x36 how should I have scanned them they did not have DWG or DXF on their large scanner

If the image is actually high res you could use Image Splitter (from the Extension Warehouse to divide the imported image into smaller images. That could help.

Get the Tape Measure tool, tap Ctrl to toggle off creating guides. Then measure between two points on the image making sure you click at both points. Type the distance it’s supposed to be and press Enter.

Scanning implies you are ending up with raster images. A Scanner won’t normally create vector linework. It’s possible for PDF files to contain vector linework, however, and that linework could be extracted as .dxf as I indicated above. Probably doesn’t matter in this case if your PDF only contains raster imagery.