How can I transfer PDF floor plan into Sketchup?

Hi there,
Can anyone give me advise on, How to transfer PDF floor plans to SketchUp please?

It’s quite simple to import a PDF into SU (or Layout for that matter). Use File>Import and choose the right filter for PDF files.

The PDF will not come in at the right scale so you will need to use the Scale tool to get it right.

One issue with image files is that they generally get imported at very low resolution. So if you are aiming to trace over lines, you may not achieve high accuracy.

Thank you very much indeed. I am going to try that.

Simon is right, for Mac users. Those of us using Windows aren’t as lucky. When I want to import a PDF into SketchUp, I open the PDF in Reader or Acrobat and take a snapshot of the region I want. Then I paste that into an image editor and save it as a PNG which I then import into SketchUp making sure I’ve selected to use it as an image.

PDF is a meta format which may contain raster data (= pixels) as well as vector data (= geometry) even at the same time.

If the PDF contains vector data (which can be evaluated by zooming in or checking if picking the geomety is possible) you might want to use this exact geometric data instead of e.g. the raster-based screenshot by importing it to a graphics program as e.g. Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw or free Inkscape (OS), export as DXF/DWG data and import into SketchUp (Pro only).

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Thank you very much.

This is correct. However, I have almost never encountered a PDF with vector data in practice.

typically 2D CAD data, for plain raster data a PDF is not required.