What is best way to import PDF's into sketchup?

Hello guys, I am wanting to import a PDF floorplan into sketchup. I have to be very exact with things so I don’t want to take a screen snip and then resize, etc etc . I have done this in the past but I can never get it really accurate.

I watched a video on PDF Importer and it looks pretty good. I was wondering what you all think?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

PDF is by nature more inexact than an export into a CAD format.

What is doable depends on the data in the PDF. Is it raster or vector? You can check by zooming in close in your PDF viewer to see if pixelation increases.
If the file has vector data and you don’t have an importer plugin, you can try opening the PDF in an illustrating application (Illustrator, Coreldraw, Inkscape (free)) and exporting from there to DWG or DXF. For raster data, you can export a PNG (or JPG) from a PDF editor.

Thank you guys thats great!