Import PDF Sketchup Windows


Is there a feature or extension to import a PDF? I need this to quickly mock up 3D projects un top of construction documents.


SketchUp Pro can import a PDF file as an image or texture. It can not import pdf as a vector model.

Only the Mac version. Windows users have to convert to an image file (jpg, png) or a vector graphics file (dwg, dxf) first. You can export an image file from Adobe Acrobat or one of many other PDF viewer/editors. You can export a vector PDF into DWG or DXF from Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape.



hey there folks,
is there a roadmap towards enabeling pdf import for windows users in future sketchup versions?


There might be but the people who know can’t and won’t say until it is released. They don’t make future features known in advance,

I bought PDF importer by Estimator and it works well so far. It’s not cheap but worth it for me.

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If you have access to a Mac, you can import the pdf file.

Then, you can transfer the skp file to a Windows computer and open it in SketchUp.