Is there a way of making semi-transparent trees?

I’m new to sketch and wonder if there is a way of making trees, people, and other entourage elements semitransparent. It’s a technique very effective in digital presentations, allowing the designed object to read through and also suggest surroundings.

Thanks !!!

Check the map called ‘landscape and fencing’ in the material tray, there are some nice examples of using transparancy. You can import your own: File->Import if you have some pictures with transparancy .
If you don’t, you will have to edit an image in an editing program.

You could import PNGs of the items, and have the transparency in the image. If you want the item to always face the camera you can make it be a Component, and when you do that you can check a box to make it always face the camera.

If you have a model you select the paint bucket, then hold down Command and use the eyedropper to pick up a color from the model. In the Colors palette that appeared use the drop down menu to choose Colors in Model, then you’ll notice that the color you picked on gets highlighted.

Right-click on the highlighted swatch square and choose Edit. You can now move the Opacity slider to make that color be see-through. Once you’re in edit mode you can quickly go through the other colors in the model, and set them all to say 60%.

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Colin and Dan,

Thanks for the help !!!

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