Transparent PNG texture issue

Hey all, I have interesting graphical challenge and wanted to know how to best proceed.

I have brought in a PNG of a tree with both full transparency around the edges and partial transparency in the foliage. I have imported the png, turned it into a texture, and then created a face me component out of it. In the TEST1 image you can see the tree is behaving like I want it to – each tree partially hides the one behind it, yet you can still see through them all. In the TEST2 image the camera is facing the opposite direction but the trees no longer hide each other – creating a darker green overlay where the foliage intersects.

The only reason I can deduce from this is that the internal numbering/ID of the objects themselves play a role in which one is perceived as “infront” regardless of their actual position in 3D space or even if it’s a face me component or not.

Any thoughts on how to go about achieving the result in the first test regardless of the direction the camera is facing?


From what I can tell, without seeing your actual model, it’s a graphics issue. A transparent tree should ‘technically’ always show what’s behind it. So in your Test1.jpg, that’s actually the graphics engine NOT showing the transparency to save processing power. For example, see below where I use a similar transparent PNG image for a tree. As I rotate, from one side it blocks the tree behind, then shows as I move around again. If I change the face ‘Transparency Quality’ to ‘Nicer’ in Styles, I now see how it should behave - ie you can see the tree behind from any camera angle.

Long story short, I don’t know a way to block the trees behind from all camera angles if your PNG image has transparency.

As they are face me there shouldnt be a difference to the way the transparency works form any direction. Do have the different transparency modes (nice faster) set differently for each scene?

Thank you both! the faster/nicer was exactly the issue. Interesting how it created the effect of being able to see through the objects, but also block themselves out based on draw order – kinda liked the outcome!

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