Numeric Bluetooth Keypad

I use a Numeric keypad and would like to enter dimensions into Sketchup using it.
There is no comma on this keyboard :frowning:
Could the software be adapted so that a space between x y values would work also or one of the other key values on a numeric keypad?

Some external keyboards might provide a utility that lets you remap selected keys. But I seriously doubt the developers would modify SketchUp itself for this special purpose and specific hardware.

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I’m sure they are beavering away on it as we speak.

I would suspect gnawt.


The OP indicates SUfWeb so it’d be the browser needing to remap keys (which makes this topic suspect.)

very true, probably spam to sell the keyboard.

(I’ve asked Admin to replace the sales link with a direct OEM catalog link.)

EDIT: Looks like admin just decided to remove the link altogether as it likely violates the “driving traffic to external websites” rule.

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Anyway … more generally about keypads for scientific or engineering usage …

OEMs need to understand that the regional settings should remap the decimal point for the user’s needs (ie, . to ,) and should learn that list separators also need to be a key on the keypad so , can be mapped to ;.

No it’s not spam I have this issue.
I use a separate keypad to enter numeric values into excel with right hand and a keyboard without numeric keypad.

I don’t think this keypad remaps.

No i’m not trying to sell the keypad!

Hey isn’t Sketchup a great piece of software - just need to remember all the controls!
I’m working through the courses - just done fundamentals

This is okay, but you should have read the forum guidelines, which generally prohibits such links.

An image might be all that’s needed. A link into the OEM’s product catalog might have passed.
(It’s found easily by searching the web for the manufacturer and product name. Anyone so inclined can find it if they wish.)

Bummer. I have moved the topic to the Feature Requests category as the notion of space as a separator in the VCB is a valid idea.

I am always in favor of the user having control over how they interface with software. I would not argue against an application setting that allowed users to decide explicitly what the VCB uses for a separator character. (Currently it silently uses what your system is set to use.)

For newbs: VCB is an acronym for Value Control Box (an old name for SketchUp’s Measurements input control used for imputing values used by tools.)

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Thanks for the great reply and apologies for the Amazon link.
I like your approach to possible improvements - much appreciated.
Also for the VCB def. i’ve made a note :slight_smile:

I’ve removed the help. No idea what astro turfing is but might be related to the help so removed it :slight_smile:

And I will say this again - I have no connections to the product. If you fancy a numeric keypad buy what ever make you like!

So that Dan and others could appreciate my problem on here I had to be specific to show that it has no programmable keys and what keys it does have. Hope you all appreciate that. I’ll edit the original post and take the product specifics out now Dan has decided to send my proposed improvement to the improvements team.

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Oh come on, this is astro turfing at it’s best.