Notifications on threads I participate in?

I don’t usually come to the SU Community directly, but sometimes jump in via the discussion links in my daily forum emails. Is there some reason why I don’t receive email notifications on threads I participate in? Is it only if someone comments directly on my post? Will I get an email if someone replies to this???

There’s an option just below each post, where you can choose if you get notified for any reply to the topic, or just the replies to your posts, or mentions of you. The normal setting doesn’t include all posts to the topic, you could change that to Watching if you want.

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Thanks Colin–that was easy! I figured it was a menu bar item–didn’t occur to me to check the end of the post. I’m going back and changing a few threads now.

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It is one of your notification preference settings …

set it to one of the options other than “Normal”.

Bingo–that’s what I was looking for! I’m usually pretty good at finding all the nested menus on most sites, but evidently was cognitively impaired in this case.

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