Don't get - Forum post response notification - satisfaction

I don’t recall ever getting notifications regarding Posts to Forum. My last post before I posted I checked to make sure notifiers were turned on. Says down there near bottom of page right there where the message gets posted “Because you made this post you will be notified”. Never happened. Went back a few days later to check and was viewing anothers post. All the way at top of page it indicates “to be notified click on the Notification Link”. So are notifications automatic or not? If a viewer posts a message and it says right there you’ll get notified, unless they know better there’s a slim chance they’re going to scroll all the way up to top of page to look for and click on a link to get notified.

Here is a reply. Did you get notified?

Good Luck.

I get notifications, on the forum.

can you clarify, are you talking about getting notifications by email, or just on the forum ? you don’t have any when you click on your profile pic top right ?


no email reply. Visiting forums page do get notified there but at that point don’t see the need. thanks

If you enabled notifications in your browser for the site, then you do get notifications.