I think I broke this forum

Up until yesterday, when I open this web site it always shows me the last time I visited, yesterday afternoon it quit doing that, and when I get a reply to a topic I would always get an email telling me there was a response, todays that’s has quit happening also.

Here is a reply to test whether you receive an email notification.

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You can control your notifications via your account preferences.

Click your avatar at the top right, then click your name.
You’ll go your account Activity listing page.
Click the Preferences choice on the top menu bar.

In the left column there are 4 panel links for controlling your notifications.

This forum is hosted by Discourse, and from time to time they make changes which are announced over at meta.discourse.org. We in this forum often get surprised by these changes or addtions.

You might have inadvertently set the topic to Muted via the bell menu.

The bell menu will always be at the bottom left of each topic thread, and later when the topic gets long, it also gets added in the right margin (just below the timeline control.)

Thanks Tom and Dan, everything seems to be working now. I did get you PM Dan.

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