Nothing seems to work. issue w OS 10.13.6 and firefox 87?

greetings all. newbie here. just created an account for web version and excited to start, but…nothing seems to work.

i click on the “new” icon to access a template but nothing happens. no templates / options come up. i activate the line tool and other tools to draw, create circles, squares, outer shells, but cannot.

i can select all the tools and their icons show. but when i click with a tool engaged, it just immediately shows the contextual / right click menu even from a normal click, and it doesn’t draw a line or rectangle etc.

seems perhaps this isn’t compatible with my setup. maybe the new version of firefox broke something…? i can use safari and it allows me to draw lines and such but i still can’t access templates and it’s buggy in other ways too. and i read safari isn’t recommended.

any tips for using this with firefox? or do i have to install chrome, which i can but would prefer not to? in that case is anyone sketching up with mac OS and current version of chrome to confirm it’s smooth sailing?

thanks so much :pray: