Eraser tool works with Firefox but not in Safari

I have run the web free to check out the new upgraded tools, however I have issues in Safari Mac OS Big Sur 11.4
The sticky index locking works as advertised on the tools, but the new eraser features don’t; I have to use the modifier keys as before. However if I load the web free on Firefox the eraser tool works with the new features. Any ideas why?

Perhaps because:

“You can use SketchUp for Web on most internet-connected computers via a recommended browser (Chrome 59+, Firefox 52+ or Microsoft Edge 84+.)”

( Sketchup-web-requirements )

Thanks Dezmo, that would explain it.

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The web app does work well in Safari, but it currently has an issue where the cursor isn’t being updated. If you read the status bar text you can see that the eraser is going in and out of the different modes, and it will do smoothing and unhiding without having to hold down any keys. But, the cursor will remain looking like the normal eraser.

Thanks Colin, I’ve tried it and it does work. I just assumed it wasn’t working as the icon remained normal however it did switch in Firefox.

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